Weekly Update

Week 4 Update

Our Learning

LITERACY: In Reading Workshop we continue to learn routines and build strong reading habits.  We discovered the Read to Self structure and identified examples and nonexamples of what readers do during this time.  Students practiced getting started right away, staying in one spot, reading the whole time, and reading with a whisper voice.  This week we also practiced letters Ff, Bb, Hh, Kk, and Oo.  Yesterday your child brought home a few letter books from school – we’ve been reading these in class and now they are yours to keep!

MATH:  This week we continued our study of attributes of objects.  Students classified items into categories, determined the count in each, and reasoned about how to find the total.  We’re also exploring different ways of counting and representing numbers.  Ask your child about the ten-frames we use to count the number of days we have been in school, or how they can show you numbers with their “magic counting sticks”.

SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL: We’re continuing to practice using our BIG Voice when problem-solving with friends.  We have also noticed that when we get very excited, we can sometimes be unsafe with our bodies.  We’re practicing recognizing these feelings way up in the yellow on our Mood Meter and have identified ways to help us calm so we can be safe and strong learners.  Ask your child to show you their favorite breath – rainbow, balloon, snake, pretzel, etc.

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  • The Beverly community is encouraged to wear gray/silver and a favorite color on Tuesday, October 1st in support of Dyslexia awareness.
  • Wednesday, October 2nd is Walk to School Day!
  • Monday, October 7th is Go Green for Cerebral Palsy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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