Weekly Update

Week 32 Update

Our Learning

LITERACY:  In Reading Workshop we began our unit on Getting to Know Characters.  Students learned to study the cover and illustrations and to reread in order to learn more about who the characters are, how the characters are feeling, and where the story takes place.  In Writing Workshop we began our unit on Opinion Letters.  Students are learning to form and share opinions about books and support their opinion by providing a reason.  We also began to use a visual organizer to help us plan our letters.

MATH:  This week we began our unit on Numbers 11-20.  Students are learning to see teen numbers as a group of ten and extra ones.  We naming numbers the “Say Ten” way – 13 is “ten three”, or 17 is “ten seven”.  When students are able to break down teen numbers this way, it helps them to gain a deeper understanding of place value concepts.


  • Please continue to email me if your child will be absent or picked up early.  It’s helpful for me to know ahead of time (when possible), especially now that we’re administering our spring assessments.  Thank you!
  • Wednesday, May 8th is Bike to School Day.  Remember to wear your helmet!
  • Mrs. B (our music teacher) has planned our class music performance for Friday, May 17th during our afternoon music time (1:55-2:40).  Stay tuned for more info!
  • Join the Beverly community on Friday, May 17th from 6:00-8:00 pm on the big playground blacktop for the 4th Annual Beverly DIY Festival!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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