Weekly Update

Week 29 Update

Our Learning

LITERACY:  In Reading Workshop we continued our unit on Informational Books.  Students learned that rereading helps us strengthen our understanding and that we can compare the same thing in different nonfiction texts (what mice eat in my book, what pigs eat in my partner’s book) to help us better understand the content.  We also reviewed our decoding strategies: Eagle Eye (look at the pictures), Lips the Fish (get your mouth ready to say the first sound) and Stretchy Snake (say the sounds of the tricky word slowly, then blend them together).  In Writing Workshop we continued our unit on How-To Writing.  Students worked on using the word you in their writing to speak directly to the reader.  They also discovered the importance of using lots of details in their steps so the reader knows exactly what to do.

MATH:  This week we continued our unit on Number Pairs (Addition & Subtraction to 10).  Students discovered concepts of subtraction and used language such as subtract, take away, minus when modeling number stories (word problems).  Students are learning to draw pictures to match the story and to write number sentences (equations) to match their picture and story.


  • This week we started a new rest routine.  Instead of listening to calming music and closing eyes, students are relaxing and thinking about our new chapter book read aloud, Dragons and Marshmallows.  Ask your kiddo about Zoey and her scientific adventures!
  • On Monday we will complete our on-demand writing prompt.  Please help your child prepare by encouraging them to select a How-To topic.  Please send back those half-sheets or you can email me your child’s idea!  Committing to a topic ahead of time helps us get started right away.  🙂
  • Next week is a short school week!  Thursday, April 18th is a half day and students will be dismissed at 12:05 pm.  Schools will be closed all day on Friday, April 19th.
  • A.C.E.S. (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) will take place on Wednesday, May 1st.  This is an A day and we don’t have P.E. – please help your child to remember their gym shoes!
  • Please continue to email me if your child will be absent or picked up early.  It’s helpful for me to know ahead of time (when possible), especially now that we’re approaching our spring assessments.  Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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