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Week 26 Update

Our Learning

LITERACY:  In Reading Workshop we continued our unit on Informational Books.  Students learned how to tell a friend about all the things they learned in an informational book and to use the pictures and other information on the page to figure out the meaning of a tricky word.  In Writing Workshop we began our unit on How-To Writing.  Students are working hard to teach what they know to others by writing detailed steps in order, numbering their steps, and including a picture with each step.  Students used lots of descriptive language so their readers know exactly what to do.  Today students started a quick write of How to Catch a Leprechaun!

MATH:  This week we continued our unit on Number Pairs (Addition & Subtraction to 10).  Students modeled composition and decomposition of numbers to 6, 7, and 8 using number bonds and story situations.  This week we started writing number sentences (6+2=8) and connected them to our work on number bonds and pictures.  Encourage your child to practice their mental math with guessing games, such as, “I’m thinking of two numbers that are partners of 8” or “I’m thinking of a target number that you can make with partners 6 and 2.”


  • March is Reading Month is upon us!  Our theme this year is Stomp-Chomp-Read.  Our school-wide goal is to read 1,500 books in the month of March.  Click here to help your child submit the titles they have read.
  • The Dino-Mite Book Fair is right around the corner!  The book fair will be open in the Library on March 19th from 3:30-5:00 pm, on March 20th & 21st from 12:00-8:00 pm, and on March 22nd from 3:30-5:00 pm.  If you are unable to attend the book fair in person, you can shop online at the Beverly book fair from March 12-30.
  • Parent-teacher conferences will be held on Wednesday, March 20th from 1-4 pm and 5-8 pm and on Thursday, March 21st from 1-4 pm and 5-8 pm.  Students will have AM school only and dismissal is at 12:05 pm on both Wednesday and Thursday.  Click here to schedule your conference.
  • Rock your socks for World Down Syndrome Day on Thursday, March 21st!  Wear your fun socks to school!
  • I’ve added more dates to our Classroom Volunteers Sign-up for book shopping and sight word help.  If you would like to be a mystery reader and have not yet been able to sign up, or if the 11:35 am time doesn’t work for you, please send me and email and we’ll work something out.  Let’s keep it to one representative per family until everyone has had an opportunity to be a Mystery Reader.  🙂  I’ll open more dates for April and May once I figure out our schedule!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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