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Week 2 Update

Our focus in the second week of school has been feelings and emotions, as well as beginning our study of letters and sounds.  To create our class charter, we took a vote and chose the top 5 ways we want to feel at school: safe, happy, included, joyful, and calm.  Next week we will dig deeper to identify ways to help ourselves and others experience these feelings.

This week we learned the name and sound(s) of letters Mm, Aa, Ss, Dd, and Tt.  We also learned how to write these letters using correct formation (see the handwriting sheet in the Curriculum Night packet).  Sometimes those vowel sounds can be tricky – we are helping ourselves to remember the Aa sounds by knowing that Aa says its own name (the long vowel), and it also says the a-a-apple sound (short a).  We hold our hand out in front of us as if we are about to take a big bite of our apple, and as we bring it to our mouth we say the (short a) sound.  Click here for a demonstration.  🙂

Students practice letter formation in our tactile stations.  We use sand, wikki sticks, whiteboards, play doh, and an iPad app to build letters using correct formation.  Students are loving this time of day!  The app we’re using is called Wet-Dry-Try (from the Handwriting Without Tears resource).


  • Dismissal can be a busy time of day for kindergartners.  In order to ensure your child’s safety I must know of their daily dismissal plans.  Please notify me by email (ccopp@birmingham.k12.mi.us) if your child’s dismissal plans will differ from those on their green Dismissal Form.  I will always respond with a quick “Thanks!” or “Got it!” to let you know I received your message.  If I am out of the building or you do not receive a response from me by 3:00 pm please email Ms. Johnson, our office manager, at ljohnson@birmingham.k12.mi.us or call the office at (248) 203-3150.  Thank you for helping to make dismissal go as smoothly as possible for our kindergartners!
  • Wednesday is pizza day at Beverly.  To ensure we have enough pizza for all students who want to buy lunch that day, the school will take a pizza slice count every Tuesday morning. Please email me before 8:30 am on Tuesday (Sunday or Monday are even better!) if your child would like to buy pizza on Wednesday. Please include your child’s name and the desired # of cheese or pepperoni slices.  If your child loved the pizza last week and will buy every Wednesday, please let me know.  I’ll add them to my weekly order list so you don’t have to email me each week.  🙂
  • We will observe Patriot Week/Constitution Day with a special assembly on Monday, September 16th.  Please send your kiddo to school in red, white, and/or blue for this celebration!
  • Kindergarten Literacy Night will take place on Tuesday, September 17th from 6:00-7:15 pm.  Kindergarten parents and students are invited to learn strategies and activities to help with reading and writing skills at home.  Parents and children will rotate through three sessions:  Foundations of Reading, I Like to Write, and Making the Most of Reading with Your Child.  Child care for children 4+ (other children such as siblings) will be available with advance reservation.  If you didn’t sign up at Curriculum Night and would like to attend, please notify me by email!
  • Sign Up for our Beverly  E-News!  Each week a Bobcat Communicator is sent home via email with building and district updates, please don’t miss it!  E-News is our primarily mode of communication, this is how we communicate important information you need to know, including school events, schedule changes, community news, etc. Please make sure your family is signed up to receive it. Click here to get started and follow the prompts to begin receiving news from Beverly.
  • Beverly Spirit Wear for sale!  School spirit gear will be available for purchase until September 19th at 11:59 pm.  Click here to place your order.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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