Weekly Update

Week 16 Update

Our Learning

LITERACY:  In Reading Workshop we will begin our unit on Pattern Books.  Students will think use the cover, title and pictures to think about the pattern of their book, practice holding the pattern in their head while they read, and know which words will repeat in the pattern by noticing what repeats in the pictures.  In Writing Workshop we will wrap up our unit on Labeling and Listing.  Students will reread their work and make their writing readable to others, improve their writing by adding details and color, and share their final pieces with a friend.  We will continue to practice building our snap words in tactile stations with sand, play doh, wikki stix, stamps, and whiteboards.

MATH:  This week we will continue our unit on Measurement.  Students will explore comparing weight with balance scales.  We will compare the weights of two objects and of one object and a set of unit weights (how many pennies/base ten cubes/beans = 1 toy car).  We will also question what will happen when we take two equal balls of Plah Doh, then weigh one ball as it is and flatten the other like a pancake, or break the other into two smaller balls (conservation of weight).


  • Friday, December 21st is Pajama Day.  Students are invited to wear comfy clothes or pajamas on this last day before Winter Break.  Click here for the Spirit Day flyer.
  • Our class will participate in Beverly’s Projects With a Purpose on Friday, December 21st from 11:00-11:45 am.  The Kindergarten classes will decorate paper grocery bags for a local food pantry.  We will also decorate place mats for Meals on Wheels and a local nursing home.  Grown-ups are welcome to join our class during this time to help out at a craft station or sit with students and allow them to show off their reading superpowers!  Click here to view a note from Mrs. Vigneron about our school-wide day of service.  To go along with the grocery bags, the K classes are also hosting a canned food drive during the week of December 17th-21st.  Click here  to view the flyer.
  • Schools will be closed Monday, December 24th through Tuesday, January 1st for Winter Break.  Classes will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Let’s have a wonderful week!

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