Kindergarten Fun

Letter Formation Practice Page

This week we start lessons on letter identification, sound, and formation.  Today we began with the letter Mm.  Your child brought home a practice page in their folder today – the goal is to finish the front side in class and save the back side for optional home practice (see photos below).

FRONT (in class):

BACK (at home – optional):


On the back side for home, you’ll see the path of motion that you can say out loud to your child as they write.  Our goal is for these phrases to eventually become part of your child’s internal dialogue as they form letters.  It’s very important for students to start “at the top” and work their way down for letters such as Mm, instead of starting at the bottom and moving their pencil up.

You may notice that the front page of your child’s work may not always be complete.  This may mean that they ran out of time, or they were doing an activity with me or another teacher/helper during the independent work time.  I try to give students extra time when they need it, however, on days like today (with three special events), extra work time may not be possible.  At home I recommend focusing on the back side and leaving the front page as is.

This week we will begin letter stations that will allow students a variety of ways to form the letters we learn in class.  I will post about this later this week with some photos and suggestions for practice at home.  I’ll also share more at Curriculum Night – see you at 6 pm tomorrow!

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